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додека upload-дирав слики на photobucket за да направам slideshow, забележав опција remix, која не знаев зошто служи. откако го направив потребниот колаж на фотографии што треба да ги презентирам, ја испробав. исто така беше потребно да се подредат неколку слики но можеше, дополнително да ставиш текст и музика. така и направив.

when I saw the option remix, while I was uploading pictures on photobucket for slideshow, I didn't know what can I operate. It was very similar with the slideshow, but there where few more options like music in background, text or sticker, transition...

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  • kamagra on April 18, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    I have read some of your post but I got some in a strange language , and obviously I couldn't read it, but this one is different ,it has some lines in our language, thanks for sharing!22dd

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