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You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem.
Albert Einstein
Art is weapon in the hands of the artist. We can take anything as a topic and from that create art work that will be unique and will spread message that can change some levels in our social leaving. A lot of artists try with their works to show their deeper understanding of climate change. Artists through photography, film and video, sound and painting try to present their personal response to the effects of changing weather patterns, disappearing ice, rising sea levels, alterations in biodiversity and the build-up of toxic chemicals in the seemingly pristine landscape of the Arctic.
Through exhibitions and events program, films, books and youth programs it is clear to see how the artists and young people have been effected by the science of climate change. There gonna be questions like "What can artists tell us that we don't know already from a deluge of media reports, TV documentaries, newspapers etc?", "And what practical solutions can artists offer to tackle climate change?" who will try to stop the imaginations, but Climate change is something that give Us different ideas for how we can stop it.
We can use Art to inspire new awareness of, discussion about, and action on environmental issues, with new possibilities for envisioning a sustainable future. Trough art we can learn more about the science of global warming.
"Knowledge does not often inspire action. Feelings like compassion and anger do. Good art generates passion." Stephen Leahy continue “The point is that the artists’ view is invaluable precisely because they are not experts and do not have the authority granted by science. They are only as persuasive as their images. As non-experts, though interested and knowledgeable, they stand in for the view of the everyman. This reflects the nature of urban and natural systems. They transcend boundaries; they transcend borders, disciplines, issues, and expertise. With art, the viewer knows that he has a license to interpret, to critically evaluate the work, that his opinion matters."
Artists are desperately needed to help everyone to understand the impacts of climate change at an emotional level and to inspire action. By creating climate change art our influence can stretch far beyond the boundaries of our personal circle. If others find our work to be moving they will share it with others, until our voice is amplified and our message reaches millions around the world. Unlike the scientist, we artists have the freedom to weave facts, opinions, thoughts, emotion and color all together. We can instill passion and motivate change. That is our palette.

On other blog I find tools who can help every artist to create climate change art:
1. SYMBOLS: How to show climate change when you can’t see it
Give old phrases new meaning
3. WITNESS: How do you help the viewer see what you see?
4. CULTURE CHANGE: What will we lose?
5. HUMAN NATURE: Can you touch a nerve?
6. ACTION: Do something green and record it

This posters are made by Franke James. She is an artist, photographer and writer who think and act Green.

We hope for better future and we start using the solutions like using bicycle for transport, to consume less or to buy ecological products.
Be Efficient—A potentially simpler and even bigger impact can be made by doing more with less. Citizens of many developed countries are profligate wasters of energy, whether by speeding in a gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicle or leaving the lights on when not in a room.Turn off the lights that you don't need and try to eat smart, go Vegetarian.
There are so many things that we can do like human beings that will help our self to leave in a healthy environment, to care about the nature around and have peaceful thoughts.

Climate change is topic of Blog Action Day!
Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 will be one of the largest-ever social change events on the web.
If you want to participate and write something about Climate Change on your site or blog and share the information about this day register your blog and take the action.
You can also follow the team that stand behind this on twitter @blogactionday, and use the hashtag #BAD09 or #bad09 to twit about.
If you are on facebook you can become a fan or join the group

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